Friday, April 30, 2010

self management hahah think about it

learn self management from me....first step is sleeping n dun feel guilty about it. 2nd step is learn to say no although u want to say yes. third step is learn to make excuses cz it saves u most of the time.
self management continues.... step 4 is allowing certain cheating n tell lies... its a sin but for your own good n for u to get yourself back n hav a life u must do it.. dun tel me u never done it... step 5 is acknowledge your access n egress.. know how to escape from sumting and enter to a scene n watever your decision u must not regret n no turning back cz if u do u will kedapatan a.k.a kantoi....stay tune for next steps...

step 6 perfect timing.time no repeating. Set your time n refer only to your interest cz if u dun u may indulge in the unexpected. Step 7 forecasting.try to imagine short term incidents. It may get u out b4 things bad comes. Careful u must be realistic n beware of consequences n predicaments. Step 8- instinct....sometimes trust wat u feel. Not all the time but just in case. This refers to all of your senses including 6th sense (assuming u have 1) hahah
step 9- emotion control... sumtimes show your emotion to others in certain conditions which will of cz favors u. Sumtime hide it like anger cz it might triggers a fight in a distinctive way. Step 10- acting like an artist.. this is hard but certain people r gud at it. this includes facial expression, movements n non verbal communication. Make it looks real n let them believe oldow it is fake in your heart. Step 11- talk like u know things... this is difficult. Speak optimumly... too much will brings doubt to others n yourself, wil stimulate questions which u dun knw da answers, will reduce your credibility. Not speaking at all will make u left out n less important a.k.a useless, tarnish your ability. Gud luck


  1. only in certain condition u have to practice it.. but remember honesty is greatest value to uphold.

  2. wakakaka ... i like even at the some part seriously disagree..

  3. hehehe...point ko reasonable...ada jgk yg mngarut sikit...but worth it for my use...:p

  4. "Not speaking at all will make u left out n less important a.k.a useless, tarnish your ability."

    well i'm a bit offended by that...;p